Ultimate 3 Colours Moon Lamp

Ultimate 3 Colours Moon Lamp

Ultimate 16 Colours Moon Lamp

Ultimate 16 Colours Moon Lamp

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Welcome to Ultimate Moon Lamps!

Here, we are passionate about one thing – Moon Lamps! We are dedicated to delighting and satisfying our customers with our collection by delivering a range of premium quality ‘already-tested and re-tested’ moon lamps for best price. Each moon lamp has been designed and perfectly crafted to ensure premium quality.

For hundred and thousands of years we have always had a fascination with our moon. It’s mysterious surface and amazing glow BRINGS LIFE to even the eeriest and darkest of nights. Even on a sunny day with clear skies the reflection of our moon lingers. Forever present. But no longer should it be a mystery, because now you can own one.

Your own Moon Lamp! Your very own to hold and marvel over while it brightens up your home.

Shop with us today and enjoy our collection shipped directly to your door.

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Our Moon Lamps Collection

The beauty & serenity of the moon at your fingertips!

If you’re looking for a table lamp or bedside night light that can transform your living/family room, and bedroom, this is it!  Moon Lamps!

They are the PERFECT centrepiece for a table or dresser, they’re a great talking point for your home and office, and they can be the well needed night light for your young child’s bedroom.  With it’s super reality moon surface, your guests will be in awe with this beautiful lamp and will depart with envy.

Have you ever said or heard anyone say,

“I love you to the moon and back!”…

Well here at Ultimate Moon Lamps we like to say, heck why not just GIVE them the moon, TODAY!


We use the most cutting edge precision 3D printing technology to create layer by layer the perfect replica of our moon.  Each moon lamp taking over a day and a half to print and quality checked, giving our many satisfied customers the ultimate experience of seeing and touching the beauty and serenity of the moon with their very own fingertips.

Exquisitely crafted according to NASA satellite images of the actual moon, the surface of the moon lamp is so detailed, the slight bumps, craters, shadings and shadows will give you the instant feeling that you have physically brought a full moon into your home to brighten and bring life to the room it sits in.

RECHARGEABLE CAPABILITIES – reduce your electricity bill!

We have equipped the moon lamp light with a built-in battery which provides 8-24 illuminating hours (depending on frequency and brightness) with only 2-hour full charge time. USB easily charged by portable power bank and PC – charge it while you’re working on your PC.


Very SIMPLE to use with the touch of a fingertip.  At the very bottom of the moon lamp sits a touch control “button”.  Touch once to turn on, and switch between the shades and turn off at the touch of the button.  It is also DIMMABLE!  Touch and hold to set the preferred brightness.


Designed with our customers and our environment in mind!  The printed layers of the moon lamps are made from PLA material extracted from corn stalks.  The lamp is odourless and non-toxic.  We ensured a non-plastic product by also designing a wooden stand with the perfect sizing to ensure the lamp sits perfectly on top.

It is easy and very safe to handle, some of our most satisfied customers are young children.  Although safe, we recommend adult supervision as this is not a toy and it can be damaged.


Our moon lamp puts out a lot of light, depending on how bright you choose it to be.

Switch between a shimmering winter-white moon and a glowing golden-globe lighting with the touch of a button.  It can be the focal point of any room.

Stuck with a gift IDEA? - We got you covered!

I love you to the moon and back.  We’ve got this one covered for you. Show her how much you love her! Give her the moon! Gift him something he’ll always remember you by with a new moon lamp in his office. Have one in yours, make it a pleasant place to work in.

Our moon lamps are the perfect gifts for celebratory events including birthdays, Mother’s/Father’s day, a going away gift, house warming, even an appreciation gift for a work colleague or associate. A child’s birthday present – a moon lamp for those afraid of the dark can help make bedtime less daunting.


Add magic to every room at night with our elegant and beautiful moon lamps. Whether you’re reading a book or relaxing with your family, our moon lamps provide the perfect ambient light.  Admire a piece of art as you doze off.

The perfect gift for celebratory events, birthdays, Mother’s/Father’s day, a going away gift, house warming, an appreciation gift for an associate.  A child’s birthday present – a moon lamp for those afraid of the dark can help make bedtime less daunting.

100% Local Customer Service | Proudly Australian-owned

We take great pride in the culture of our small family business which is driven by exceptional service and loyalty to our customers. We guarantee that our lamps will delight you and that our customer service will be second to none. We pride ourselves in our chosen local and international suppliers as we are still able to ensure we service our customers throughout all metropolitan cities of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Hobart, Darwin. We also deliver to most regional areas.

Here at Ultimate Moon Lamps we’re always working to improve your customer experience and would appreciate any feedback that can benefit the process. Feel free to drop us an email or message on messenger to voice any concerns or compliment (don’t forget to send in your photo with our products for 20% off your next order!) Your concerns will not be taken lightly and will be actioned onshore.

Rest assured a product bought from our site will be of exceptional quality, practical, tried and tested. Check back regularly to see what exciting new products we have listed and discovered for you.