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About us…OUR STORY

We love all things moon!  We are a young family with two young ones who like things bright and shiny and easy enough to touch with their little fingers.  Something so easy to cling onto yet way too beautiful not to share!  Ultimate Moon Lamps was founded on a simple initiative “Love you to the moon and back”…only here we like to say “heck why not give them the moon!” Literally!…well, at least a 3D printed copy that looks just like the real thing… 😊 THE PERFECT GIFT!

We have been supplying our growing Aussie fanbase with our beautiful moon lamps amongst a few other added products since February 2018.  Over the years we have made great partnerships with our trusted suppliers who are devoted to delighting our new and returning customers with only premium tested products.  There are lots of moon lamp sites out there now, be mindful not all .au websites are Australian-owned…

If you have any questions or would like more information on our products, feel free to drop us a message, and our team will make it a priority to respond.


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