Our Moon Lamp, Galaxy Projector Lamp and the Aurora Projector Lamp

At Ultimate Moon Lamp, we share a typical love for all things within and beyond our solar system, from the brightest stars to our beautiful moon and of course, all the other stunning planets that orbit our home planet, Earth.  Appreciating these breathtaking intergalactic things was among the first few reasons that Ultimate Moon Lamps was found back in 2017.  Started with just the Earth-moon lamp, we have now provided the galaxy lamp, galaxy projector lamp, star galaxy projector lamp and aurora lamp projector lamp.

What is a Moon Lamp?

As we stated, a moon lamp is a scale-sized reproduction moon that illuminated your bedroom, lounge room or kitchen, etc.  Our moon lamps are safe to hold in your hands even when it’s ON.  Unlike various other LED moon lights that you might have come across the net, Ultimate Moon Lamps are created with precise and accurate care needed to replicate the true surface of the moon.

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Ultimate LED Galaxy Starry Night Light Projector | Ultimate Moon Lamps

What is a galaxy projector lamp?

It is your very own private galaxy!  Its design enables you to beam its laser effect onto any surface, the wall, ceiling etc.  This elegant gadget projects the galaxies imitate constellations of the solar system and stars, nebulae as well the starry sky viewed from midsts of the sea.

With this device, you can experience the remarkable all-natural sensations of the aurora light within your own home or bedroom without the need for a trip to any of those very rare places on Earth that this phenomenon can be seen.  Most people in this world have never had the chance to witness this mind-blowing phenomenon.  This device beam this fascinating all-natural light show onto any surface like your wall or the ceiling.

Aurora Star Galaxy Projecting Light | Ultimate Moon Lamps

We are regularly searching for new products which are within this intergalactic fantasy we share.  You bet that when we discover one that is worth sharing, you would certainly read about it right here or buy it from our SHOP PAGE.